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Here are some pictures of my project since the beginning to its present state... Hope you like :thumbup:


Vw Polo 6n 1.4 16v
Gearbox Polo 1.4 8v (Long Box)
Iridium spark plugs
Worked with KN filter box
Frontal air intake
Cat off
Middle muffler removed

Exterior and Interior

Lip Ibiza 6k

Grill Fk
Tinted windows 28%
25mm spacers (Rear Only)

Protective chrome rocker of "Polo"
Crystal darkened taillights
Chrome angel eyes

Red Brake calipers
Xenon Siemens 6000k
Chrome Angel eyes out, Black Angel eyes On
Crystal taillights out, Originals with varnish to darken on
Ibiza 6K GTTDI seats
Lighting interior in red like Ibiza 6k

Finally i changed my BBS for some Deep dish rims
At the moment the car is the same as these pictures show, hope you like

I bought some Coilovers for the car and it also has some ATS Type 5 rims at the moment, the steelies went to get a new paint job :thumbup:

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Nice Shit

Is a nice car.

Very nice =)

Do you plan to modify your engine in order to increase your performance? By the way I think that it is very interesting that somebody from Portugal is here in the forum. I have soooooo many questions but don't know where to start

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gelöschtes Mitglied

    really nice car.. good work.. but what about other seats?

    gelöschtes Mitglied

      nice car, nice rims, nice taillights...

      but i dont like the angel eyes and the stickers.

      and whats about a vw badge for the grill

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