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how do you work with eeprom programmer?

Den Alain
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I've got a small problem with a huge transformation of my car.

The small problem is called immobelizer.
Now thats not the only thing that has te be changed. I got a spare key that isn't connected with the ecu. 
And the km counter stands on 150000km but on the papers of the car inspection 180000. So it has to be changed.

So i went for an answer on internet and found Vag eeprom programmer 1.19 but could only download the 1.18

In other forums they said that i could use the obd connection cable of the vag vcds program.
but has i finished the hole build and connected the computer on the car i dit connect vcds to rhe car but has i tried to upload the ecu to the vag eeprom proggrammer 1.18 the program told me he could not find the ecu.

What am i doing wrong? 
No the battery was connected, the egnition was on, the battery had 12v. 

Is it the cabble and if so where can i find the right cable?
Do i have to change something so the cable is useable?
Did i have a bad download?

Please as the car sits now i only have a brick. 
And its maybe my first time working with non official programs. But i want to learn more about programming the ecu. 

Thanks Alain

Hi Alain, are we talking about a MP9 or ME7 ECU?

Den Alain
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Don't actually know.
I know it has numbers on the protecting aluminium case.
But these don't match your numbers.

The polo ecu has these writings:
030 906 027 AA
Bosch 26SA0000
0216 204 617
B00 96616 1740 0496

The caddy ecu:
6K0 906 027 J
Bosch SO38
0261 204 844
B00 97029 1736 0382

If you can tell me what kind of ecu i'm speaking of?

Kind regards

Just googled your mp9 and yes it is a mp9 not a 7.

I think your problem is so special, that, even if you would write it in german, not many peoble here could help you.

But perhaps a little tip: A lot of obd-cables from ebay oder amazon have timing-problems. (look here:[Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar

  • ) Sometimes they can connect and sometimes not. If you want a guarantee that it works, you should have an original version of VCDS with the included cable which also works as a dongle.

  • Immobelizer is always a huge Problem on that MP9(.0) ECUs. Even if your connection trough OBD works like expected, you still need some Special Login Codes, matched Keys and the coil of those Keys.

    Best way to go is buying a already modified ECU, unsoldering the Immo Chip and reprogramming it with an standalone eeprom programmer or by using an Immo Emulator.

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