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I have Maruti Zen (carburetor), I want to get Engine Tuning from Maruti Authorized services station (MASS). I like to ask,
what all they do to Tune the Engine?
How will the tune , will they open carburetor or just do some adjustments of RPM and see the timing with that GUN?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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  • Well, this is a VW Polo Forum I think not many People here can help you with a Suzuki.

    Are you sure it even has a carb? At the time of Produktion of the Zen most cars run with elektric injection.
    But if your car has a carburator I think they will clean it, mabe put in some new gaskets and sealings and will adjust it. What they do depends on the problem the car has. Maybe they yust need to turn some screws für adjustment.
    But why don't you ask the guys at the Workshop wich should do the Service?


    second hand 2013 Polo Comfortline

    scheint daß er einen neueren Polo hat...

    Der wird aber wohl kaum nen Vergaser haben

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